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SPOILER ALERT: Star Wars VIII Scene Reveals Awesome Battle Sequences Between Luke Skywalker and the Knights of Ren

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Remember those black, enigmatic figures that Rey saw in her Force vision when she took hold of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber for the first time? We only get to see them for a few seconds, amidst the falling rain and anguished screams of what we believe to be as Padawans or Jedi in-training. Called as the Knights of Ren, these mysterious cloaked figures carries out the commands of their master, Kylo Ren, with lethal precision.

Though the Knights of Ren only had less than 10 seconds of screen time during Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens, we have new information (aka huge spoiler) that tells us we will get to see more of these deadly assassins once Star Wars Episode VIII hits the big screen on Christmas season next year. Before I go any further, you might have realized already that what you’ll about to read will unload a big chunk of spoilers right in front of you. So if you’re not that keen on staying spoiler-free, then enjoy this (rumored) reveal.

Just a few days ago, Jason Ward of Making Star Wars shared a truckload of spoilers from several fans that claim to have spotted Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamil) during a shoot in Malin Head, Ireland in what seems to be a major scene in Episode VIII. We assume that this is still in planet Ahch-To where Luke has been hiding in exile, and where he and Rey first met as seen from the closing scenes in The Force Awakens. Just before nightfall as the sun sets in the background, a group of seven men wearing black medieval-like suits appear together with an unmasked Kylo Ren. Rain effects were also added in that shoot according to Ward’s sources.

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Kylo Ren eventually confronts Rey, and after some dialogues, engaged her in a lightsaber rematch along the cliffside. The shoot was taken during night time, again very much the same as that when they first fought in the First Order’s stronghold as seen in their previous film. At that same time, Luke took on the Knights of Ren beginning with the one that wields an ax like weapon. Using the Force, Luke effortlessly threw him into the air and into the dark night water instantly killing him. Using his lightsaber skills and viciously upgraded Jedi skills, all of Kylo Ren’s Knights fell one-by-one against the Jedi Master. Luke Skywalker’s powers were surprisingly enhanced in this scene, much like when we saw Yoda do his surprisingly flawless moves against Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones, and Darth Sidious in Revenge of the Sith.


Rey and Kylo continue their duel where at some point, Rey suddenly disappears. Sources say that they did not see what happened to Rey during that fight scene, so our best guess is that she probably escaped or injured. Moments later, after taking out each Knight of Ren, Luke calmly approaches Kylo while the latter tries to escape. It’s unclear from this point where Kylo Ren fled. Some of Ward’s sources speculate that he went inside the ancient Jedi Temple either as to prepare for his next confrontation or perhaps to have a change of heart. Sources further say that there was “a lot of wire work used” throughout the filming of this scene, so we expect some high-flying stunts from what could be the coolest fight scene in Episode VIII.

The next obvious question is where does this scene fit in the overall scheme of things? It seems to be a major fight scene in Episode VIII, but it could be something that happens in the middle of the film or at the beginning of the last act kind of showdown. If it happens midway during the film then it means we have something grander to expect towards the finale. However, if this rumored fight scene happens to be towards the end, then perhaps knowing it as early as now may not be all that anti-climactic since there are still a lot of potential materials that can be used in relation to the mysterious Jedi Temple that we mentioned earlier. Who knows what epic scenes Director Rian Johnson has cooked up within that ancient structure.

Again, just to reiterate what we said in the beginning, these are rumored scenes reported to have been witnessed by devout Star Wars. Though they may sound credible, it is always wise to hold on to your salt shakers and always take these things with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, this is one epic fight scene that is still worth to see in the big screen, even if you heard about it earlier or not.

So what do you think this all means? Is this the start of Episode VIII‘s final battle, or just a major midpoint mega-duel? How do you think Kylo and his posse knew where to find Luke and Rey in the first place? What will be the First Jedi Temple’s ultimate purpose in the film? Tell us your thoughts about these in the comments section below.



Source: Making Star Wars

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