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Here’s To A Happy Pixar Halloween!


Pixar is known for its superbly crafted films that the mere mention of titles such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, or Wall-E evoke emotions that are too precious and close to our hearts. There is a kind of playful sanctity that comes together with these films that evokes a certain childlike joy in any Disney-Pixar fan by heart. Now, imagine rendering these endeared films into a scary collection of re-told stories just in time for a frightfully delightful Halloween celebration. Well, frankly speaking, they are still far from being horrific and even these re-imagined movie posters are by far still funny and entertaining to look at, like their original movie counterparts.

Take a look at some of Pixar’s most heartwarming films given the scare treatment through the creative minds of Pixar artists just in time for Halloween.




Sure, a monster as tall as a 10-story building might freeze you in your tracks, but in the case of our good old friend Rex, even if he belches flames from his mouth, he is still endearing and wonderful to hug around.


The Incredibles

I guess nothing is scarier than a superhero that lost his mojo while working in a soulless, heartless company… it’s enough to send shivers down the spine of any crime-fighting hero.


Monsters Inc.


Boo sure knows how to feel scared, especially coming from a 7-foot tall, blue, cuddly monster.




“The rat made me do it…”


Sanjay’s Super Team



They’re here… they’ve arrived.


Have a magical Halloween night everyone!

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