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Disney Channel's Adventures in Wonderland

Adventures in Wonderland

Seasons: Year: 1992
Original Run: 1992

Cast: Elisabeth Harnois, Robert Barry Fleming, Teri Garr

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Show Description

The always-popular Disney classic Alice in Wonderland served as inspiration for The Disney Channel's Adventures in Wonderland, a live-action musical which enjoyed a 100-episode run during the early 1990s.

All of the familiar characters from the animated film are featured in Adventures in Wonderland, including the Mad Hatter, Tweedles Dee and Dum, the White Rabbit, the March Hare, the Walrus, the White and Red Queens, the Duchess and many more unforgettable characters from the Lewis Carroll children's classic.

Alice has only to step into her magical mirror to instantly arrive in Wonderland, and as readers familiar with the story well know, the adventures then begin. Splendidly choreographed and filmed, the series was a Daytime Emmy's juggernaut, earning awards for Makeup, Hairstyling, Costume Design, Writing and Directing. Casting for the series gravitated more towards stage and theater performers than film and television performers, giving the production a more immediate "feel" than the normal Disney offering.

Regular cast members included Elisabeth Harnois (as Alice), John Robert Hoffman, Ken Page, Wesley Mann and Armelia McQueen.

Trailer/Scene from Adventures in Wonderland