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Disney Channel's Bug Juice

Bug Juice

Seasons: 3 Year: 1998 - 2001
Original Run: February 28, 1998

Cast: Rhett Bachner, Brendan Michael Maroney, Alex Michael Coury

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Show Description

The unique experience of summer camp is featured in Bug Juice, a Disney Channel Original reality series. The title derives from the popular Kool-Aid type drink that anyone under the age of 40 is familiar with.

Bug Juice follows the adventures of a group of kids at summer camp, where they learn not only survival skills but how to work together as a team. From Orientation Day through Awards Day, viewers get a front-row seat for all the familiar summer camp routines, and of course there is no shortage of practical jokes and shenanigans.

For any adolescent seeking a wholesome new summer adventure, Bug Juice provides a realistic view of not only what to expect, but also presents the many positive benefits of the experience. As the world becomes more and more polarized, children need to be exposed to activities that involve others, and Bug Juice shows them that those types of activities are much more than two weeks away from home.

Trailer/Scene from Bug Juice