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Disney Channel's Code 9

Code 9

Seasons: 1 Year: 2012
Original Run: July 26, 2012

Cast: Wes Dening

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Show Description

The popularity of such similarly-themed "reality" series such as "Punk'd," and the venerable "Candid Camera" has led to the Disney Channel's Code: 9, a hidden camera/reality series that involves unsuspecting parents being tricked by cooperating family members. Code: 9 was created by Mark Herwick and is hosted by Australian actor-comedian-producer Wes Dening.

With the assistance of some of Hollywood's most talented special-effects artists, viewers are "let in" on each episode's caper, and are then witness to the (sometimes complicated, yet hilarious) set-ups into with which victims are unwittingly guided. Some of the situations involve a golf-loving father who finds himself "blamed" for a virtual golfcart demolition derby; a mother who is led to believe her beloved new car is actually stolen; a snow-globe obsessed mother who inadvertently wreaks havoc in a snow-globe retail establishment, and an unsuspecting mother who is tricked into believing she's destroyed a piano belonging to Carrie Underwood.

Trailer/Scene from Code 9