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Disney Channel's K.C. Undercover

K.C. Undercover

Seasons: 1 Year: 2015 - Present
Original Run: January 18, 2015

Cast: Zendaya, Veronica Dunne, Kamil McFadden, Trinitee Stokes, Tammy Townsend, Kadeem Hardison

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Show Description

Computer geeks, robots, spies and teenagers are all featured in K.C. Undercover, a comedy-drama sitcom on the Disney Channel. Corinne Marshall, whose other work includes writing for Surviving Jack and Suburgatory, created the series.

Actress/dancer/singer Zendaya stars as K.C. Cooper, an otherwise ordinary high school teenage student who is proficient at mathematics. She lives with her parents, who unbeknownst to K.C., moonlight as government undercover spies. Upon discovering their other life, the parents, recognizing her ultra-special skills with numbers, recruit her into their group and begin training her to follow in their footsteps. Also in the family is younger brother Ernie, a full-fledged computer geek who eventually joins the espionage exploits of the rest of his family. The other family member is Judy (an acronym for 'Juvenile Undercover Digital Youth'), an 8-year old robotic sister.

Besides dealing with the day-to-day experiences of school and family matters, the family periodically finds themselves involved in highly sensitive undercover work, which necessitates their traveling around the world on top-secret government missions.

Trailer/Scene from K.C. Undercover