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Disney Channel's Disney Family Album

Disney Family Album

Seasons: Year: 1984 - 1986
Original Run: June 1984

Cast: Buddy Ebsen (Narration)

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Show Description

Narrated by the legendary Buddy Ebsen (The Beverly Hillbillies, Barnaby Jones), The Disney Channel's Disney Family Album was a documentary-style program that provided interesting histories and background information on figures who made both significant behind-the-scenes as well as well-known "on-screen" contributions to the Disney "family." Aside from the familiar Disney film classics, the series also delved into the franchise's many resorts and theme parks.

Despite running for just twenty episodes, the Disney Family Album offered a fairly extensive collection of Disney collaborators, including Ebsen and Davy Crockett co-star Fess Parker, wildlife adventurer Jack Hannah, Annette Funicello, Disneyland designers Tony Baxter, Herbert Ryman and John Hench, legendary composers the Sherman Brothers, and Disney voice actors Clarence "Ducky" Nash, Eva Gabor, Alan Young, Ward Kimball, John Byner, Sterling Holloway, Hal Smith, Paul Winchell and John Hurt. Another populat segment featured in-depth interviews with legendary photographers the Beebes and the Milottes, who filmed many of Disney's True Life Adventure documentaries.

Trailer/Scene from Disney Family Album