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Disney Channel's Dog With a Blog

Dog With a Blog

Seasons: Year: 2012 - Present
Original Run: October 12, 2012 - Present

Cast: G. Hannelius, Blake Michael, Francesca Capaldi, Stephen Full, Regan Burns, Beth Littleford

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Show Description

A talking dog who also is an active blogger is the focus of the Disney Channel sitcom, Dog With a Blog. Created by Michael B. Kaplan and Philip Stark, the series frequently gives viewers the unique perspective of family life as seen through the family pet's eyes.

Newlyweds Bennett and Ellen James, along with their combined children, Chloe, Avery and Tyler, are gradually learning to adapt to each other as a new family. The oldest step-siblings, Avery and Tyler, are frequesntly at odds, but when they discover that the family's newly-adopted dog, Stan, can talk, they form a bond. They decide to keep the secret from their parents, but Chloe, the youngest, is always in danger of revealing it. Thankfully, the parents attribute Chloe's "dog talk" stories to an overactive imagination.

G. Hannelius, Blake Michael and Francesca Capaldi star as the three siblings, with Stephen Full providing the voice of the "Dog With a Blog."

Trailer/Scene from Dog With a Blog