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Disney Channel's Dumbo's Circus

Dumbo's Circus

Seasons: Year: 1985 - 1989
Original Run: May 6, 1985

Cast: Sharon Baird, Phil Baron, Bart Carroll

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Show Description

The golden age of traveling circuses is relived in The Disney Channel's Dumbo's Circus, a live action-puppet series starring the fun-loving and lovable Disney pachyderm, Dumbo. The half-hour series produced 120 episodes, and featured the animatronic costumes pioneered by Ken Forsse which debuted in an earlier Disney Channel series, Welcome to Pooh Corner.

Having grown to an adult and now blessed with the ability to speak, Dumbo forms a circus with his friends and begins a barnstorming tour from town-to-town, transported via the remarkable skills of Dumbo's magic feather, which allows him to pull the circus wagon through the skies. Many brand new Disney characters made their debut in the series, including Lionel the Lion, the Australian koala Fair Dinkum, Barnaby Bowser, cats Lilli and Sebastian, and Q.T. the Orangutan.

Each of Dumbo's friends and fellow circus performers had their own unique skill to contribute to the "Greatest Little Show On Earth," from singing and dancing, stand-up comedy, strongman feats, trapeze artistry, magic acts and balancing acts.

Trailer/Scene from Dumbo's Circus