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Disney Channel's Flash Forward

Flash Forward

Seasons: 1 Year: 1996 - 1997
Original Run: September 7, 1996

Cast: Ben Foster, Jewel Staite and Asia Vieira

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Show Description

Notable as the Disney Channel's very first original series, Flash Forward is a Canadian production aimed at adolescent audiences. The series' primary stars are Ben Foster (Tuck), Jewel Staite (Becca), Asia Vieira (Chris) and Theodore Borders (Miles).

Best friends and neighbors for as long as they can remember, Tuck and Becca form an unbreakable bond early on, and provide each other with support and friendship as they experience all of the usual ups-and-downs of growing up. Although they occasionally find themselves at odds with each other, they always manage to settle their differences by talking them out, offering valuable role models for younger viewers.

Although the series ran for just one season (26 episodes), there was no shortage of adventures and experiences for the friends, including camping trips, budding romances, dealing with parents, and just everyday junior-high school goings-on.

Flash Forward also featured occasional semi-regulars and guest stars who went on to film stardom, such as Ryan Gosling, who appeared in two episodes as Becca's love interest.

Trailer/Scene from Flash Forward