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Disney Channel's Going Wild With Jeff Corwin

Going Wild With Jeff Corwin

Seasons: 2 Year: 1997
Original Run: 1997

Cast: Jeff Corwin

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Show Description

Disney and Nature go effortlessly hand-in-hand, and the Disney Channel's wildlife documentary Going Wild With Jeff Corwin reinforces that collaboration, traveling worldwide in search of fascinating creatures who reside in picturesque and hard-to-reach locales. Nature conservationist Jeff Corwin is host, and he has abundant experience, having served in a similar position for Animal Planet's Corwin's Quest and The Jeff Corwin Experience.

Corwin and crew have scoured North America (Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, New Mexico, New York, etc.), Central and South America (Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela), Africa (Kenya, South Africa), Asia and Oceania (Australia, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand) in search of rare and fascinating animals. Never-before-seen "up close and personal" vignettes of creatures in their natural habitats quickly hooks viewers, and as in the "real world" of wildlife, there are always risks involved, keeping Corwin and crew alert and prepared for the unexpected.

The animals featured run the gamut from aardvarks to zebra, with plenty of air (eagles, hawks, pelicans), land (bears, Bighorn sheep, leopard, lions, snakes), and water creatures (dolphin, eels, manatee) being observed and captured on film.

Trailer/Scene from Going Wild With Jeff Corwin