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Disney Channel's Jessie


Seasons: Current Year: 2011 - Present
Original Run: September 30, 2011

Cast: Debby Ryan, Peyton List and Cameron Boyce

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Show Description

A small-town military brat who wants to try her luck in the big city is the premise behind Jessie, a Disney Channel Original Series which stars Debby Ryan as the title character.

18-year old Jessie, fed up with her father's domineering ways, leaves her native Texas to take a job as a nanny in New York City. The differences in culture are quite a shock, with suddenly four hyperkinetic children, not to mention a 7-foot long lizard, to care for. The change in scenery and atmosphere seem to agree with her however, and she looks forward to what each day may bring. The "fish-out-of-water" approach works well, and Ms. Ryan portrays her character flawlessly.

Jessie's creator, Pamela Eells O'Connell, has made a career working within the "nanny" premise, having previously worked as a writer on "Charles in Charge," and serving as a producer on "The Nanny." She also had worked with Ms. Ryan on another Disney Channel production, "Suite Life On Deck," and developed Jessie with the young actress specifically in mind.

Trailer/Scene from Jessie