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Disney Channel's Kids Incorporated

Kids Incorporated

Seasons: 9 Year: 1986
Original Run: 1986

Cast: Fergie Duhamel, Kenny Ford Jr., Devyn Puett, Mario Lopez

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Show Description

One of The Disney Channel's longest-running (nine seasons) original series was Kids Incorporated, a comedy/musical created by Thomas Lynch (The Secret World of Alex Mack) and Gary Biller. A precursor to later similar Disney productions such as Hannah Montana and Lemonade Mouth, Kids Inc. followed the adventures of a group of early teens who formed their own musical ensemble. The series also chronicled typical adolescent experiences such as peer pressure, romance and classroom challenges.

Kids Inc. was almost exclusively cast by teenagers, with parents or other adults appearing infrequently. A long list of cast members who went on to varying degrees of stardom included Mario Lopez, Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson, Moosie Drier, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eric Balfour and Ryan Lambert. Notable guest appearances were made by Florence Henderson, David Hasselhoff, Barry Williams, Gwen Verdon. Brittany Murphy and Ruth Buzzi. The musical numbers featured in the program combined a mixture of original material and well-known songs, and the musical genres ranged from '60s pop to late '80s-early '90s contemporary stylings.

Trailer/Scene from Kids Incorporated