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Disney Channel's Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire

Seasons: 2 Year: 2001 - 2004
Original Run: January 12, 2001

Cast: Hilary Duff, Lalaine, Adam Lamberg

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Show Description

Targeted toward pre-teens and early adolescents, the Disney Channel teen sitcom "Lizzie McGuire" served as a springboard to stardom for series star Hillary Duff, who portrayed the painfully shy title character who was constantly done in by her awkwardness and overwhelming dreams of being accepted and popular. The series was created by Terri Minsky and ran for 65 episodes.

Duff's appeal made the show a "must-see" among the targeted demographic, but probably the primary drawing card was having Lizzie, in times of extreme stress or failure, suddenly become an animated character and intermingle with the live-action characters. During these episodes, Lizzie would frequently speak directly to the camera, or "breaking the fourth wall." Her friends (and adversaries) were a mixed bag of teen stereotypes, from the absurdly nerdish bookworms to head cheerleader, average non-descript students to teen heartthrobs. Lizzie's parents were portrayed as good-hearted but completely clueless and frequently "in the way," while the situations Lizzie and her friends encountered were the typical adolescent scenarios, usually handled with humor and providing a "learning moment" at the conclusion.

Besides Ms. Duff, other regular cast members included Lalaine, Adam Lamberg, Jake Thomas, Hallie Todd and Robert Carradine.

Trailer/Scene from Lizzie McGuire