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Disney Channel's Mad Libs

Mad Libs

Seasons: Year: 1998 - 1999
Original Run: July 1998 to mid-1999

Cast: Hosted by David Sidoni

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Show Description

Co-produced by game-show and entertainment pioneer Dick Clark, the children's game show Mad Libs appeared on the Disney Channel as a type of "mini-Jeopardy," challenging young contestants through a series of stunts and word quizzes. Mad Libs was hosted by David Sidoni, and was adapted from the popular same-named book and game series, first published in 1958.

A red team and blue team squared off over four rounds (Viewer Mad Lib, Madder Than You, Mega Stunt and Mixed Up Mad Libs) with the winning team members advancing to the championship round (Maximum Mad Lib), vying for the grand prize, with the losers of the fourth round receiving consolation prizes.

Mad Libs combines aspects of several well-known games or game shows, including Pyramid, Charades, Pictionary, Chubby Bunny and Password. Wordplay is the underlying theme of the game, giving contestants with extensive vocabularies an advantage, but there is also the element of luck involved, especially in the physical segments.

Trailer/Scene from Mad Libs