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Disney Channel's Off The Wall

Off The Wall

Seasons: Year: 1998
Original Run: 1998

Cast: Kelli Kirkland, Larry Zino

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Show Description

Vin Di Bona Productions, the creative forces behind America's Funniest Home Videos, Entertainment Tonight and MacGyver, were also responsible for Off the Wall, a children's game show aired on the Disney Channel. Larry Zino and Kelli Kirkland served as co-hosts for the series, which featured three teams (consisting of three children per team) competing for prizes versus random on-the-street volunteers.

The contest featured three preliminary rounds with the winners advancing to the Ultimate Showdown round, with an incremental points system serving as "scorecard." The events consisted of a series of unusual head-to-head matches, often bordering on the bizarre and outrageous. As a general rule, the "street" contestants were older than the studio players, and one of the "adult" contestants would be tagged with the "Double Trouble" label, and if they were defeated by a younger player, the studio team would be awarded double bonus points. Victorious street contestants were encouraged to form their own team and return to defend their title, while the contestants in-studio rarely changed.

The wacky, wild-haired Zino was the program's undisputed "star," routinely going off-script to the exasperation of his more "by-the-book" partner, Ms. Kirkland.

Trailer/Scene from Off The Wall