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Disney Channel's Road to Avonlea

Road to Avonlea

Seasons: 7 Year: 1990 - 1996
Original Run: January 7, 1990

Cast: Zachary Bennett, Lally Cadeau, Mag Ruffman, Sarah Polley, Jackie Burroughs

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Show Description

The hour-long teen drama Road to Avonlea enjoyed a lengthy run on The Disney Channel in the early '90s. The series was created by Emmy Award-winning writer/director/producer Kevin Sullivan and adapted from the popular book series, Anne of Green Gables.

Set in the early 20th century in rural Canada, Road to Avonlea tells the adventures of 10-year old Sara Stanley, an heiress sent to live with her two aunts following the death of her mother back in Montreal. Young Sara takes to her new surroundings immediately and spends her days meeting new relatives and exploring the beautiful Canadian countryside. Her curious nature and spunky attitude get her into various "fixes," but she manages to charm her way out of the most serious of them.

Sarah Polley is outstanding as Sara, with Jackie Burroughs and Mag Ruffman equally standout as the spinster aunts. An impressive list of guest stars also helped to make the series memorable, including Christopher Reeve, Meg Tilly, Faye Dunaway, Maureen Stapleton, Ryan Gosling, Madeline Kahn and Christopher Lloyd.

Trailer/Scene from Road to Avonlea