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Disney Channel's So Weird

So Weird

Seasons: 3 Year: 1999 - 2001
Original Run: January 18, 1999

Cast: Cara DeLizia, Mackenzie Phillips and Patrick Levis

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Show Description

Combine "The X-Files" with "Dora the Explorer" and what may result is So Weird, a Disney Channel Original series that was filmed in Vancouver, B.C. and stars Cara DeLizia, Patrick Levis, Mackenzie Phillips and Eric Lively. Tom J. Astle is primary writer, with previous credits including Coach, Failure to Launch and The Tracy Morgan Show.

Quite a switch-up from most Disney children's programming, So Weird attempts to delve headlong into the world of the supernatural through the eyes of an extremely curious teenage girl, Fiona (DeLizia) who seems to have a propensity for stumbling upon unusual and unexplainable phenomena. When she tries to explain or describe her findings to family and friends, she's ridiculed and compelled to create a website titled, So Weird. This of course takes her adventures to an entirely different level, with various experts, aficionados and the occasional oddball respondents.

All of the familiar "goblins" are researched, including Bigfoot, UFOs, haunted houses, ghosts and time travel.

Trailer/Scene from So Weird