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Disney Channel's The Wuzzles

The Wuzzles

Seasons: 1 Year: 1985
Original Run: September 14, 1985

Cast: Stan Freberg, Brian Cummings, Henry Gibson

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Show Description

Only thirteen episodes of Disney's Wuzzles were produced, but it nonetheless made an impact both in animation technology as well as culturally. Originally broadcast on CBS, Disney's Wuzzles featured the unique premise of creating hybrids from two separate animals as primary characters. The brainchild of then Walt Disney Company CEO Michael Eisner, the Wuzzles would eventually also appear on the ABC Television Network.

On the Isle of Wuz, literally everything is a combination of different animals or objects. From telephonographs to appleberries to castlescrapers, and on to a mixed bag of creatures (bumblelion, hoppopotamus, rhinokey, moosel, frizard, gorantula, parafox).

Despite the short life of Disney's Wuzzles, it enjoyed a much longer-lasting "career" via its marketing campaign consisting of children's books, plush and poseable toys, even a popular board game. Ironically, the series proved to be more popular in Great Britain, where instead of appearing initially as a television series, its debut was as a cinematic featurette.

Trailer/Scene from The Wuzzles