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Disney Channel's Totally Circus

Totally Circus

Seasons: 1 Year: 2000
Original Run: June 16, 2000 - September 24, 2000.

Cast: Tamir Bayarsaihan, Sajana Blank, Dan Brown

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Show Description

A blast from the past for viewers 30-and-older, the Disney Channel Original series Totally Circus takes a page from afternoon children's programming "back in the day" to recreate the magical world of the Big Top.

Once upon a time, before computers and video games pre-dominated entertainment for children, it was a standard fantasy to want to run away and join the circus, traveling to far away mysterious places and experience the unimaginable. In Totally Circus, those fantasies become reality.

The circus featured is Circus Smirkus, a place where children are not only welcome, but encouraged to join the ranks of those rapidly-vanishing performers who have thrilled audiences worldwide for centuries. From the big elephants and camels, ferocious lions and tigers, and the talented dog shows, viewers get a backstage pass to see what goes on behind the curtain at a big-time three-ring circus.

From auditions to intense training and on to opening night, Totally Circus delivers a brand of entertainment that may surprise some modern kids if they give it a chance.

Trailer/Scene from Totally Circus

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