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Disney Channel's Videopolis


Seasons: Year: 1987
Original Run: 1987

Cast: Hosted by Randy Hamilton

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Show Description

Frequently labeled as the children's version of the ground-breaking American Bandstand, The Disney Channel's Videopolis provided a similar format as the classic long-running Dick Clark teen dance party. Videopolis was hosted by Randy Hamilton, and the program ran for three seasons during the late 1980s on the network.

As with American Bandstand, Videopolis featured young dancers and performers showing off their moves to the latest contemporary hit songs. Such familiar segments as dance contests, line dancing and informal chats with participating regulars also borrowed from the Bandstand template. Videopolis featured many notable guest performances from some of the top "pop" acts from the time period. Among the popular performers making appearances on Videopolis were Janet Jackson, New Kids on the Block, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, New Edition, The Jets and Pebbles. Another feature "borrowed" from a similar popular teen dance production, Don Cornelius' Soul Train, was the "Scramble Board" which challenged dancers to unscramble letters to form a popular band name or song title.

Trailer/Scene from Videopolis