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Disney Channel's Welcome to Pooh Corner

Welcome to Pooh Corner

Seasons: Year: 1983 - 1986
Original Run: April 18, 1983

Cast: Sharon Baird, Phil Baron, Kim Christianson

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Show Description

The first program to be aired on The Disney Channel, Welcome to Pooh Corner, featured characters from the iconic children's classic adorned in the (then) ground-breaking animatronic costumes, with live actors performing in the designed-for-human suits. The half-hour program ran for three seasons, entertaining both children and adults alike with a blend of Pooh-related puppet skits, musical numbers and a "how-to" segment instructing viewers in rudimentary arts-and-crafts projects.

Welcome to Pooh Corner opened with a brief narration of an adventure involving any of a number of events occurring in Hundred Acre Wood, followed by a re-enactment of the event as performed by the human-sized "puppets." Aside from producing familiar Winnie the Pooh adventures, Welcome to Pooh Corner was also notable for holiday and educational specials. Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving were given "Pooh" treatments, while the educational specials focused on teaching younger viewers the importance of school bus safety and how to respond if approached by strangers.

Welcome to Pooh Corner's title was derived from The House at Pooh Corner, the second release in the popular storybook series.

Trailer/Scene from Welcome to Pooh Corner