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Disney XD Aaron Stone TV Show

Aaron Stone

Length: 22 mins. mins.
Year: 2009 - 2010
Cast: Tania Gunadi, Kelly Blatz and David Lambert
Airdates: February 13, 2009
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Show Description

Notable for having a darker, more adult premise than standard Disney fare is Aaron Stone, also notable for being Disney XD's first original series. Kelly Blatz, J. P. Manoux, David Lambert and Tania Gunadi star.

The fictional video game Hero Rising is searching for a real-life counterpart for the game's star avatar, Aaron Stone. Charlie (Blatz) is chosen, and soon afterwards, viewers discover that the cyberworld and the real world occasionally intermingle.

Charlie finds himself caught up in the game's underworld, with only next-door neighbor (Gunadi) aware of his double identity. Charlie's younger brother, Jason (Lambert) is a typical annoying younger sibling, and keeping his identity secret from Jason occupies much of Charlie's time.

Devoted fans of role-playing realism games will no doubt appreciate the life-like graohics and scenarios presented in Aaron Stone. With a plethora of villains and obstacles, Aaron Stone comes closer than any previous attempt to duplicate the gaming world.

Trailer/Scene from Aaron Stone