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Disney XD Crash & Bernstein TV Show

Crash & Bernstein

Length: mins.
Year: 2012 - 2014
Cast: Tim Lagasse, Cole Jensen, Oana Gregory, Landry Bender, Aaron Landon
Airdates: October 8, 2012 - August 11, 2014
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Show Description

Disney XD has high hopes for their original series, Crash & Bernstein, which combines live action along with puppetry in a sitcom format. The production has recruited Tim Lagasse, noted performer and puppeteer on both Sesame Street and The Muppets, to provide the voice and puppet acrions for Crash, one of the program's title characters. The series was created by Eric Friedman and the pilot episode directed by Bruce Leddy.

Wyatt Bernstein is the only male sibling among three sisters, and quite naturally, he longs for a brother to provide companionship. As a birthday gift, he pays a visit to Build-A-Bestie, a business specializing in creating life-like puppets. Hoping it's the answer to his dream, he creates Crash, a boy puppet who quickly endears himself with Wyatt. Back at home, the new "brothers" concoct a scheme to get Wyatt his very own bedroom, with mixed (and hilarious) results.

Wyatt is played by Cole Jensen, who was a regular on the short-lived CBS series, The Defenders.

Trailer/Scene from Crash & Bernstein