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Disney XD Fantastic Four TV Show

Fantastic Four

Length: 26 mins.
Year: 2009 - Present
Cast: Beau Weaver, Lori Alan, Quinton Flynn, Chuck McCann, Stan Lee Brian Austin Green, Simon Templeman
Airdates: February 13, 2009
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Show Description

This show originally aired from 1994 to 1996 on multiple networks. Disney XD began to syndicate episodes starting in 2009.

Perhaps the most popular and enduring of the Marvel Comics Superheroes is Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four. One of Disney XD's late-night animated series offerings, the iconic Fantastic Four continues to acquire legions of new fans since its original inception in 1961.

One of the first season's episodes, "The Origin of the Fantastic Four," portrays how the group of Superheroes came to be, with The Thing, the Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic and the Human Torch being introduced. Also, creator Stan Lee made brief cameo appearances during Season 1 to give viewers a short history and inspiration for each character.

The Fantastic Four's list of enemies and antagonists are plentiful, with some of the most noteworthy being Doctor Doom, Galactus, The Wizard and the Black Panther.

Many viewers and critics consider Seasons 2 & 3 to be more faithful to the original comic book series, involving more mature storylines and subject matter.

Trailer/Scene from Fantastic Four