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Disney XD Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge TV Show

Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge

Length: mins.
Year: 2011 - Present
Cast: Laura Hamilton, Geno Segers, Andy Akinwolere
Airdates: October 17, 2011
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Show Description

First premiered on Disney XD on October 17, 2011, although is not considered an Original Disney XD program.

Disney XD's game show, Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge pits opposing teams of teenage competitors against each other in a quest to win the title of "Conquerors of the Fort." The idea originated with a French game show, Fort Boyard, that quickly gained popularity in Europe before becoming a world-wide phenomenon, eventually appearing in more than a hundred countries.

Disney XD's version consists of six teams of four members each, with competition in events such as Caterpillar, Human Catapult, Tight Rope and Sky Bike, to name but a few. The competition is staged in levels, with the victorious teams advancing, while the losing teams must "double down" in the next round in order to proceed. Winning teams are awarded varying amounts of gold coins, with the two squads accumulating the most meeting in the final challenge.

The games are held at the actual Fort Boyard in France, which at various periods has served as a fort and a military prison. The facility was refurbished in the late 1980s, with the original games beginning in 1990.

Trailer/Scene from Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge