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Disney XD I'm in the Band TV Show

I'm in the Band

Length: 22 mins. mins.
Year: 2009 - 2011
Cast: Logan Miller, Stephen Full and Greg Baker
Airdates: November 27, 2009
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Show Description

Disney XD's live-action, teen sitcom I'm in the Band stars Logan Miller as Tripp Campbell, an aspiring rock guitarist who realizes his dream when he joins Iron Weasel, a somewhat motley crew who are obviously modeled after Spinal Tap, the '80s fictional cult film. Tripp, despite being much younger than the existing band members, impresses them with his skill, but it's his offer to house the band in his mother's guest room that really clinches the deal.

Tripp manages to persuade his mother that having older, more mature role models to mentor him will be beneficial, even though calling them "role models" is a bit of a stretch. The fact that Tripp is still in school sets up several hilarious storylines, and the problems that arise in trying to juggle his school life with the band's schedule is an ongoing issue. Also, despite his age, Tripp is easily the most mature member of Iron Weasel, routinely handling the band's bookings and business dealings.

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