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Disney XD Jackie Chan Adventures TV Show

Jackie Chan Adventures

Length: 23 mins.
Year: 2009
Cast: Jackie Chan, James Sie and Stacie Chan
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Show Description

This show was acquired and syndicated by Disney and first premiered on Disney XD in 2009. It was originally a Kids' WB! program.

International action film star Jackie Chan's adventures are the focus of the Disney XD animated TV series, Jackie Chan Adventures. Each episode delves into the supernatural, with spells, talismans, demons and chi featured prominently.

Living in an apartment above his uncle's San Francisco antique shop, Jackie Chan's desire to be an archaeologist fits in nicely with the unique items taken in downstairs. While investigating a Bavarian castle, he discovers a mysterious, perhaps even magical artifact in a hidden room.

His discovery gains the attention of an old friend, Captain Augustus Black, who besides being in charge of a shadowy government project code-named Section 13, is also an integral member of the Dark Hand, an international crime organization. The discovered artifact turns out to be a magical shield, which is subsequently revealed to be one of a set of twelve. This revelation compels Jackie, along with his uncle and niece, to set off on a worldwide search for the remainder of the missing set. What they discover is that the world's fate may depend on the success (or failure) of their quest.

Trailer/Scene from Jackie Chan Adventures