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Disney XD Jungle Book TV Show

Jungle Book

Length: 52 mins.
Year: 2012 - Present
Cast: Teresa Gallagher, Jimmy Hibbert and David Holt
Airdates: June 11, 2012
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Show Description

The Jungle Book is a 2010 animated TV program that began syndication on Disney XD in 2012. However, it used to air on ABC and Fox, and is not considered an original Disney XD program.

Based on the classic Rudyard Kipling adventure tale, The Jungle Book is an animated series on Disney XD. The series also borrows liberally from the same-titled 1967 film adaptation.

All of the original's characters are present; Mowgli, Bagheera, Baloo, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and all of their exotic animal friends. Mowgli's arch-enemy, the scarred tiger Shere Khan, is also featured, and the object of constant vigilance both by the young "man-cub" and his colleagues. The series describes how Mowgli became a part of the jungle world, and how he came to meet his friends. His mentors, the panther Bagheera and the bear Baloo, try to educate Mowgli about the sometimes threatening environment, but like most curious young boys, their advice is usually ignored, leading to Mowgli's finding himself in predicaments that require his friends to come to his rescue.

The cast of voice characters include Emma Tate, Sam Gold, Jimmy Hibbert and David Holt.

Trailer/Scene from Jungle Book