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Disney XD Kickin' It TV Show

Kickin' It

Length: 23 mins.
Year: 2011 - 2015
Cast: Dylan Riley Snyder, Olivia Holt and Alex Jones
Airdates: June 13, 2011 March 25, 2015
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Show Description

Combining martal arts, high school and comedy is the focus of Kickin' It, a Disney XD teen sitcom. Jason Earles stars as the instructor of a martial arts academy with a reputation for underachievement.

Charged with "whipping into shape" five students who are kindly described as "misfits," Rudy (Earles) realizes that as owner and sensei of the academy, he has a job to do and even though some of his techniques are unorthodox, he is determined to pull off the daunting task. To help, the five misfits bring in a new student, Jack, who has experience with "winning" karate, and he begins to inspire the others through his hard work and determination. The lessons imparted aren't just about martial arts, but about life in general.

Kickin' It breaks new ground by combining the traditional sitcom format with martial arts, which no doubt plays a big part in attracting its key demographic, the 12-19 age group. Earles, in particular, brings an edge to his role which lends a sense of realism to the program.

Trailer/Scene from Kickin' It