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Disney XD Kirby Buckets TV Show

Kirby Buckets

Length: mins.
Year: 2014 - Present
Cast: Jacob Bertrand, Mekai Curtis, Tiffany Espensen
Airdates: October 20, 2014 Present
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Show Description

Kirby Buckets is a Disney XD original series that premiered on October, 2014.

13-year-old Kirby Buckets dreams of becoming a famous animator like his idol, Mac MacCallister. Joined on his adventures by a variety of animated characters -- each with a distinctly vibrant personality -- which only he can see, Kirby embarks on outrageous and unpredictable adventures around his unusual town of Forest Hills together with best friends Fish and Eli. The trio usually get into some predicament that they must escape before Kirby's crafty older sister, Dawn, and her whip-smart best friend, Belinda, catch them.

Created by Gabe Snyder and Mike Alber, Kirby Buckets features Jacob Bertrand as Kirby Buckets, Olivia Stuck as Dawn Buckets (Kirby's older sister), Mekai Curtis (Fish), Cade Sutton (Eli) and Tiffany Espensen (Belinda). The series also feature the voice talents of Dean Jullian (Macho Taco and Dr. Gut Punch) and Josh Faure-Brac (Scrunch Face and Tri-Butt).

Trailer/Scene from Kirby Buckets