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Disney XD Motorcity TV Show


Length: mins.
Year: 2012 - 2013
Cast: Jess Harnell, Kate Micucci and Kel Mitchell
Airdates: April 30, 2012
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Show Description

In the future, earth-bound cities, discovering that the restrictions of renewing and maintaining life as we know it has a better chance of surviving "above" the earth, have built elevated cities above existing ones. This premise is the setting for Motor City, the Disney XD animated program which combines action and adventure with auto racing in the fictional Deluxe Detroit.

Deluxe Detroit is the domain of nefarious billionaire Abraham Kane, who rules over his kingdom with an iron fist and swift, punishing justice for those who cross him or stand in his way. Kane's latest endeavor is an attempt to do away with all personal modes of transportation, which he hopes will solidify control over his elevated metropolis. However, he is stymied by a ragtag band of hot-rodders who call themselves The Burners. This band of rebels are led by Mike Chilton, who proves to be a more than worthy adversary for Kane.

Several notable actors provide voices for Motor City's characters, including Mark Hamill, Reid Scott, Jim Breuer, Kate Micucci and Brian Doyle-Murray.

Trailer/Scene from Motorcity