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Disney XD Pair of Kings TV Show

Pair of Kings

Length: 22 - 24 mins. mins.
Year: 2010 - Present
Cast: Ryan Ochoa, Mitchel Musso and Kelsey Chow
Airdates: September 10, 2010 February 18, 2013
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Show Description

The Disney XD fantasy sitcom, Pair of Kings, is unusual in that the program is filmed before a live studio audience, Pair of Kings tells the tale of teenage fraternal twins who learn they are descendants of the royal family of Kinkow, a remote island in the South Pacific.

An emissary from Kinkow appears at the twins' suburban Chicago high school to inform them that as legal heirs to the throne, they must immediately assume their rightful destiny, which naturally involves moving to the island. Some confusion occurs over which twin is the oldest, but since the answer is lost in a Kinkow volcano, it's decided that they will serve as co-rulers. After the expected culture shock, the twins (Boomer and Brady) settle into their new kingdom.

Pair of Kings features several recurring characters and guest stars, some of whom include James Hong, Leslie -Anne Huff, The Great Khali and NBA star Dwight Howard.

Trailer/Scene from Pair of Kings