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Disney XD Pickle and Peanut TV Show

Pickle and Peanut

Length: mins.
Year: 2015 - Present
Cast: Bennie Arthur, Johnny Pemberton, Jon Heder
Airdates: September 2, 2015 Present
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Show Description

Pickle and Peanut is a Disney XD buddy comedy series which features a mixture of animation and live-action that follows the offbeat adventures of small-town teenagers, Pickle and Peanut. Entering their final year of high school, the friends are determined to have as much fun as possible before graduation and the resulting responsibilities of adulthood. Pickle and Peanut try to be anything but ordinary in their Nevada suburb. Peanut always stands up for what he thinks is right -- even if it isn't always right -- and will do anything for his best friend. Pickle, meanwhile, wears his heart on his sleeve and, when his buddy comes up with a crazy plan, he usually makes it worse.

Pickle and Peanut features the voice of talents of Jon Heder (Pickle), Johnny Pemberton (Peanut),Matt Chapman, Dana Synder (McSweats), and Noah Z. Jones (Champion Horse). The series made its debut in September, 2015.

Trailer/Scene from Pickle and Peanut