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Disney XD Rated A For Awesome TV Show

Rated A For Awesome

Length: 22 mins.
Year: 2011 - Present
Cast: Sam Vincent, Chiara Zanni and Colin Murdock
Airdates: June 20, 2011
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Show Description

This show premiered on Disney XD on June 20, 2011 as Disney acquired the license from Canadian animation studio Nerd Corps Entertainment. It also can be seen on YTV (Canada).

The adolescent-targeted animated series Rated A For Awesome is a joint American-Canadian production that has found a home on the Disney XD Channel. The series was created by noted computer animation genius Asaph Fipke, who has assisted in several Cartoon Network productions.

Les, Noam, Lars and Thera are the program's stars, and their unrelenting quest is to "awesomize" everything. They each have unique skills, ranging from musicianship to inventions and dogged determination. Their "ace in the hole" is an amazingly intelligent pet monkey (Mr. Twitchy) who is never without a blonde wig, and frequently serves as inspiration as well as "den mother" for the four often-distracted humans.

The series revolves around typical teenage adventures, including school, dances, shopping, etc., but as with almost all teenagers, they are easily bored and seek to "awesomize" anything or anyone who fall short of their standards.

Samuel Vincent, Brian Drummond, Colin Murdock, Chiara Zanni and Tabitha St. Germaine provide voices for the primary characters.

Trailer/Scene from Rated A For Awesome