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Disney XD The Incredible Hulk TV Show

The Incredible Hulk

Length: 22 mins.
Year: 2009 - Present
Cast: Neal McDonough, Lou Ferrigno, Luke Perry, Genie Francis
Airdates: February 13, 2009
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Show Description

This show originally aired from 1996 to 1997 on the UPN Network. Disney XD starting airing episodes in 2009.

Everyone's favorite "Rock Star" is featured in Disney XD's The Incredible Hulk, an animated series devoted to the iconic Marvel Superhero. The star of the live-action 1970s network series, Lou Ferrigno, provides the voice of The Hulk for the latest version.

Dr. Bruce Banner (The Hulk's alter-ego), due to radiation exposure, flies into uncontrollable rages when angered, and is constantly on the run from both the military and various supervillains who seek to take advantage of his incredible strength and abilities for their own questionable aims. The Hulk has his share of sympathetic benefactors, including Doc Samson, his true love Betty Ross and loyal friend Rick Jones, who are always trying to find a cure for Banner's unique condition, but are vastly outnumbered and lacking in the resources that his pursuers possess.

Besides Ferrigno, other actors providing voices for the primary characters are Neal McDonough, Luke Perry and Genie Francis.

Trailer/Scene from The Incredible Hulk