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Disney XD X-Men: Evolution TV Show

X-Men: Evolution

Length: 22 mins.
Year: 2009 - Present
Cast: Scott McNeil, Meghan Black and Christopher Judge
Airdates: February 13, 2009
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Show Description

This show originally aired from 2000 - 2003 for Kids' WB. Disney XD began to syndicate episodes starting in 2009.

The genesis of Stan Lee's X-Men is the focus of Disney XD's X-Men: Evolution. Instead of the adult adventures of the group of superheroes, viewers are treated to their teenage exploits in this animated series.

The group's original members (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor X, Storm and Wolverine) are introduced in this adaptation, with future storylines clearly evident to veteran X-Men fans. This technique of foreshadowing is one of the series' unique features, and helps to give the entire franchise a reputation as being more than "just a comic book."

Another distinguishing aspect of Evolution is the signature musical intros and/or sound effects that accompany many of the characters appearances. Heavy rock guitar riffs appear when Avalanche makes his entrance, an orchestral composition accompanies Storm, and a tinkling chime sound signals Jean Grey's appearance. New wardrobes are also seen on some of the superheroes, most notably on the female members.

Trailer/Scene from X-Men: Evolution