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Disney XD Zeke and Luther TV Show

Zeke and Luther

Length: 23 mins.
Year: 2009 - 2012
Cast: Hutch Dano, Adam Hicks and Dan Curtis Lee
Airdates: June 15, 2009 - April 2, 2012
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Show Description

Disney's XD sitcom Zeke and Luther has captured the imagination of audiences worldwide with its utilization of the Extreme Definition format.

Zeke and Luther want nothing more than to become the world's greatest skateboarders. Zeke (Hutch Dano) is generally regarded as the smarter of the pair, but is a classic underachiever, content to pursue his dreams, as well as his "crush," Olivia Masterson. Luther (Adam Hicks) is even more disinterested in academic pursuits, considering a grade of C acceptable. Prone to episodes of "off-the-wall" behavior, Luther, when not on his skateboard, is sure to be involved in a video game.

Other featured characters include Ginger (Ryan Newman), Zeke's younger sister, whose day is never complete without inflicting some form of antagonization upon her brother; Kojo (Daniel Curtis Lee), a rival skater who, when not competing against the duo, is capable of friendship although the boys keep a wary eye on him, and Jumpsuit Johnson, neighbor and former astronaut who is eternally cranky towards not only Zeke and Luther, but everyone.

Trailer/Scene from Zeke and Luther