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Disney's Aliens of the Deep Documentary

Aliens of the Deep

Rating: G Length: 47 mins. Year: 2005
Cast: Dr. Michael Atkins, Genya Chernaiev, Dr. Jim Childress
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Movie Description

Aliens Of The Deep is a documentary film that is brought to you by the same director who brought you "Avatar" (James Cameron). Cameron and a group of NASA scientists board a research vessel and join up with a group of marine biologists to investigate life deep beneath the ocean. They visit 10 different hydrothermal vents in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The vents have an ecosystem all of their own and support types of marine life that isn't found in most other parts of the ocean. The team is so far down that their is no sunlight whatsoever and the creatures that live down there do not need sunlight to survive. The movie is called Aliens Of The Deep because many scientist think this is what extraterrestrial life may look like on other planets with harsher environments than Earth.

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