Disney's Bears Documentary


Rating: G Length: 78 mins. Year: 2014
Cast: John C. Reilly
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Movie Description

Bears is scheduled to release in theaters on Earth Day 2014.

The filmaking duo responsible for the well-received DisneyNature documentary, African Cats, have turned their attention to another enigmatic animal group in Bears, also a DisneyNature production. Alastair Fothergill (The Blue Planet, Planet Earth) and Keith Scholey (North America) each have extensive cinematic and television experience in both directing and producing nature and wildlife documentaries.

Filmed in the rugged mountain ranges along coastal Alaska, Bears documents the lives of two mother bears and their cubs for a year, displaying the incredible hardships involved in their day-to-day existence. From traveling across treacherous slopes with potential avalanches to avoiding predators such as wolves, all the while teaching the impressionable young cubs important life and survival lessons, Bears provides an "up close and personal" aspect that is rarely captured on film.

The filmmakers apply deft touches in their work, mixing humor along with the very real dangers that these magnificent creatures face every day of their lives. The film also emphasizes the importance of working together and being prepared for the unexpected.

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