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Disney's Chimpanzee Documentary


Rating: G Length: NA mins. Year: 2012
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Movie Description

The fourth documentary in the Disneynature series is Chimpanzee, which follows the early life and adventures of Oscar, an abandoned young chimp in the African jungle.

Filmed in the tropical jungles of Uganda and the Ivory Coast, Chimpanzee adheres to Disney's dedication and commitment in their quest for understanding and preserving the world's animals as well as their habitats. The production is a joint venture between Disneynature and the renowned Jane Goodall Institute. As principal consultant for Chimpanzee, World Chimpanzee Foundation head Christophe Boesche adds further validity to the project.

Noted nature documentarist Alastair Fothergill has been behind such award-winning projects as African Cats, Planet Earth and Frozen Planet, serves as co-writer and director of Chimpanzee.

Beautifully filmed and focusing on the unique and heart-warming bonds that develop between these fascinating primates, Chimpanzee offers rarely-seen glimpses into a world few humans have knowledge of.

The Goodall Institute's "See Chimpanzee, Save Chimpanzees" program to protect the creatures and their habitats is the beneficiary of proceeds from the films' opening week.

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