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Disney's Frank and Ollie Documentary

Frank and Ollie

Rating: PG Length: 89 mins. Year: 1995
Cast: Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston and Sylvia Roemer
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Movie Description

An entertaining "behind-the-scenes" documentary which chronicles the early years of Walt Disney Animation Studios collaborators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, 1995's Frank and Ollie treats viewers to personal anecdotes from the duo, who both retired in the late 70s.

Audiences looking for "inside" info will be delighted with this 89-minute production, which follows the pair's reminiscings while working on the early Disney classics such as Fantasia, Pinocchio, The Jungle Book and countless others from the extensive Disney catalogue. Testimonials from colleagues and friends and family members add quite a bit of both humanity and humor, although the pair (especially Johnston) take a backseat to no one when it comes to being entertaining. One of the documentary's highlights is Johnston's enthusiastic musings regarding his beloved model steam train, from which he regularly had to be dragged away from by Thomas to get back to work.

Frank and Ollie was written, produced and directed by Thomas' son, Theodore, who has been involved in several Disney "behind-the-scenes" productions.

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