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Disney's Monkey Kingdom Documentary

Monkey Kingdom

Rating: G Length: 81 mins. Year: 2015
Cast: Suraj Sharma
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Movie Description

Disney has a long and celebrated history of producing nature documentaries, and one certain to join the ranks of "favorites" is Monkey Kingdom, an entertaining study of a family of toque macaque monkeys in Sri Lanka. Narrated by Tina Fey and co-produced and directed by Alastair Fothergill (The Blue Planet, Planet Earth) and Mark Linfield (the BBC's Natural History Unit), Monkey Kingdom gets "up close and personal" with these fascinating creatures.

The documentary explores the relationship between a mother (Maya) and her small family, predominantly her son Kip. Viewers are entertained by the day-to-day struggle for survival among the ancient ruins of Polonnaruwa, although there are also light-hearted moments between the playful youngsters and their doting mother. When a neighboring monkey tribe lays claim to Maya's domicile, the family is forced to improvise, using Maya's "monkey" smarts which are passed on to her offspring, particularly Kip, who's being groomed to take over the tribe.

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