Disney's Perri Documentary


Rating: NR Length: 75 mins. Year: 1957
Cast: Narrated by Winston Hibler
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Movie Description

The fifth in Walt Disney Productions True Life Adventure series, the 1957 documentary, Perri, is based on the same-named book by Felix Salten, author of Bambi, an earlier Disney production. Filmed in Utah and Wyoming, Perri tells the tale of two squirrels (Perri and Porro) as they learn about life in the forest and eventually become a "couple."

Perri learns quickly that forest life is filled with danger and is literally "survival of the fittest." From constantly being on the watch for predators (especially a persistent marten) to doing everything necessary to make it to the next day, there is rarely a dull or peaceful moment in Perri's life.

Visually stimulating, with exceptional close-up footage of forest creatures seldom seen in their natural habitat, Perri satisfies the Disney tradition of good, wholesome family entertainment.

Narrated by Disney veteran Winston Hibler, Perri also features a musical soundtrack that received an Academy Award nomination.

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