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Disney's Roving Mars Documentary

Roving Mars

Rating: G Length: 40 mins. Year: 2006
Cast: Paul Newman, Steve Squyres, Rob Manning, and Charles Elachi
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Movie Description

Roving Mars is a film produced in the IMAX format about the Mars Rover missions. This is a documentary film that tells all about how Spirit and Opportunity (The Mars Rovers) were built, their launch and journey throughout space, and all of the things they have accomplished. This is a computer animated film and does not use very many of the actual photographs taken by the rovers. The animation is based on the actual photographs to make the film more visually appealing. In addition to the rover footage itself, the film also includes some of the photographs captured by other probes that have been sent to mars. This is an interesting film that gives viewers a greater perspective on how the probes work as well as a better idea of what we really know about Mars.

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