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Disney's Seal Island Documentary

Seal Island

Rating: NR Length: 27 mins. Year: 1948
Cast: Winston Hibler (Narrator)
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Movie Description

Narrated by Winston Hibler and directed by James Algar, the 1948 documentary Seal Island, is the first in the Walt Disney True-Life Adventure series. Filmed by the husband-wife team of Alfred and Elma Milotte during a year spent in the Pribilof Islands of Alaska, Seal Island documents and brings the viewer "up close and personal" into the world of a seal colony. Moviegoers had never been privy to anything this "real" previously, and the film caused a bit of a sensation almost immediately upon release.

Focusing on just one subject would appear to have a limited appeal, but Seal Island manages to capture the viewer's attention with its spellbinding portrayal of the seals day-to-day struggle for survival, particularly the scenes of the battle between older male seals and young male pups for partners. A bit graphic at times, Seal Island still delivers quite a punch.

Seal Island was nominated for and won a 1949 Academy Award for Best Short Subject.

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