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Disney's Vanishing Prairie, The Documentary

Vanishing Prairie, The

Rating: NR Length: 71 mins. Year: 1954
Cast: Winston Hibler (Narrator)
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Movie Description

A commercial and critical success, Disney's 1954 production of The Vanishing Prairie continued the studio's True-Life Adventure series. As winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary (an unprecedented seventh for the series), the film was a masterpiece of both originality and technical expertise, proving once more that the Disney team has few peers in the nature documentary genre.

Presented in a "seasonal" timeline, The Vanishing Prairie reveals scenes of rarely glimpsed migratory birds returning to the prairies after wintering in warmer climates. As the seasons progress, viewers are treated to other animals returning, including buffalo, deer, mountain lions, prairie dogs, snakes, falcons and many other migratory species. The interaction between different species fascinates, and the lessons of co-existence serve as inspiration, showing that Mother Nature is the ultimate teacher. The film closes with the inevitable onset of winter, beginning the cycle anew as the animals slowly retrace their migratory routes.

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