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Disney's Walt & El Grupo: The Untold Adventure Documentary

Walt & El Grupo: The Untold Adventure

Rating: PG Length: 106 mins. Year: 2008
Cast: Fl
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Movie Description

Walt & El Grupo is a Walt Disney Studios picture that is completely different from the type of movies we have come to expect from Disney. Walt Disney (The man who founded Disney) went on what was known as a "goodwill" expedition to South America back in 1941 and took a team of animation experts with him who he nicknamed "El Grupo". This film is directed by Theodore Thomas, who is the son of a recently deceased animator who was part of the expedition. Theodore takes a team of his own and retraces the steps that Walt Disney and "El Grupo" took all those years ago. There is even actual footage from the original trip included in the film that has been locked away in the vaults of Walt Disney Studios for years. If your interested in the history of Disney and the man who started it all, you should definitely check out this movie.

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