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Disney's White Wilderness Documentary

White Wilderness

Rating: NR Length: 72 mins. Year: 1958
Cast: Winston Hibler (Narrator)
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Movie Description

Winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary, the 1958 Walt Disney Production White Wilderness is the fifth installment in Disney's True-Life Adventure series. Over three years in the making, the film documents the migratory life cycles of various North Country animals, including walrus, musk oxen, reindeer, caribou and polar bears.

White Wilderness also takes the viewer underwater to reveal never-before scenes of Beluga whales and seals displaying incredible acrobatic "ballets." Another fascinating feature is the almost hypnotic sequence that follows the annual "death march" of a colony of lemmings as they mysteriously dive headlong over cliffs into the frigid ocean below.

The film builds to a thrilling finale as viewers find themselves in the middle of an attack by a pack of timber wolves upon a thundering herd of migrating caribou.

White Wilderness is pleasingly picturesque: Not a small feat considering the remote, barren landscape of the Canadian and Alaskan surroundings.

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