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A Royal Christmas

A Royal Christmas


The Disney app, A Royal Christmas, takes players through a festive Christmas with three Disney Princesses as they celebrate the Yuletide in their own way. Each Princess has her own original story: A Magical Holiday Feast, A Very Merry Mix-Up and The Holiday Treasure Hunt.

Educational as well as fun-filled, A Royal Christmas features rich, beautiful, full-color artwork, easy-to-follow narrative with original sound track and sound effects. The app is tap-and-play, making it easy even for the youngest players, and the two reading modes, Follow Along and Read and Explore, are designed to encourage interaction once the fundamentals are grasped. Each page in every story contains surprises for children to discover, and additional activities include an ornament hunt, climaxed by a Christmas tree decorating adventure.

The three Princesses, Ariel, Cinderella and Tiana each have their own ideas about how to best celebrate the Holidays, ranging from a beachside celebration to a festive New Orleans gala and even an old-fashioned family treasure hunt on Christmas morning. Players get to participate in each adventure and enjoy the Holidays in Royal fashion.

A Royal Christmas Gameplay